State of New Mexico

Public School Facilities Authority

Technology Code of Conduct

1) “Information Technology Resources” (IT Resources)

    a) Computer hardware, software, databases, electronic message systems, communications equipment, computer networks, telecommunications circuits and any information used to support programs or operations generated by, transmitted within, or stored on any electronic media.

2) Use of Public School Facilities Authority (PSFA) Technology Resources

    a) You shall use PSFA IT Resources only to conduct agency business, except for occasional and incidental personal use. Occasional and incidental use shall not interfere with your duties and shall be consistent with the policies expressed in this Code of Conduct.

    b) Electronic Instant Messaging (EIM) Systems are defined and differentiated from email, as any information technology approved software messaging system that enables PSFA employees to casually, or informally communicate with each other:

         i) You shall use EIM systems only in the normal course of conducting PSFA business;

         ii) You shall not use EIM systems for purposes that violate any other section, or subsection of this Technology Code of Conduct;

         iii) You shall not invite outside (external) parties to use, or otherwise participate in, PSFA EIM conversations;

         iv) Participants in EIMS must possess an active and legitimate PSFA email address as assigned and controlled, by PSFA Department of Information Systems and Technologies (IST); and

         v) You shall, if a Department Manager, oversee appropriate use of IM channels created by direct reports, both public and private, and allow additional channels to be created only in cases where it is reasonable for the purposes of conducting business.

    c) You shall not access or attempt to access IT Resources for which you do not have authorization by means of user accounts, valid passwords, file permissions, or other legitimate access and authentication methods. "Access" means the ability to read, change, or enter data using a computer or an information system. 

    d) You shall not use IT Resources to reveal information protected by state or federal privacy or confidentiality laws, regulations, rules, policies, procedures, or contract terms.

    e) You shall not have any expectation of privacy with respect to IT Resource usage.

    f) IT Resource data may be subject to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

    g) You shall not use IT Resources to download or distribute pirated software or data, including music or video files. "Pirated software" means licensable software for which a license has not been purchased or legally obtained.

    h) You shall not use IT Resources to knowingly propagate any type of code intended to damage, destroy, or delete a computer system, network, file or data. IST Department of the Public School Facilities Authority Orientation for New Hires

    i) You shall not use IT Resources to knowingly disable or overload any computer system or network or to circumvent any system intended to protect the privacy or security of IT Resources.

    j) You shall not access, display, distribute, edit or record pornographic or offensive material using IT Resources except in order to fulfill legitimate job responsibilities and with the written permission of your supervisor. The unsolicited receipt of pornographic or offensive material, such as might be received though e-mail, shall not constitute a violation of this provision. "Pornographic or offensive materials" means images, documents, or sounds that are: (1) discriminatory or harassing; (2) obviously defamatory or libelous; (3) obscene or pornographic; and/or (4) threatening to an individual's physical or mental well-being.

    k) You shall not use IT Resources to override or circumvent any security mechanisms belonging to PSFA or the State or to any other government agency, organization, company or individual. "Security mechanism" means a firewall, proxy, Internet address screening or filtering program, or other system installed to prevent the disruption or denial of services or the unauthorized use, damage, destruction, or modification of data and software.

    l) You shall not use IT Resources to knowingly visit websites that are likely to compromise network security.

    m) You shall not use IT Resources to encourage, aid, or engage in any illegal activity.

3) Consequences for Violating this Code of Conduct

    a) This Code of Conduct governs the conduct of all employees of the Public School Facilities Authority.

    b) Any violation of this Code of Conduct shall constitute cause for dismissal, demotion, or suspension.

    c) In addition, violating some provisions of this Code of Conduct may subject you to potential civil enforcement actions and criminal penalties under the law.