Field Technology Pilot Project (FTPP)

FTPP is a multi-year project to bring high-speed throughput to mobile devices for use by our staff in the field - not just in metropolitan areas - but also in remote and underserved parts of New Mexico with historically poor broadband internet services. PSFA will utilize a mix of vendor technologies including 5G and LEO (low earth orbit satellites).

The Field Technology Pilot Project aims to enable PSFA assessors to perform school assessments using mobile technology such as Tablet computers connected via 5G and Wi-Fi interconnect to LEO terminals mounted on top of vehicles. RM staff will also benefit through deployment of high-speed 5G routers in district offices which do not require any permanent installation and will allow IST in Albuquerque to better support remote staff and their IT assets.

The map below shows T-Mobile 5G (as of April 2021) in hot pink overlaid with RM zones and NM Public Schools (circled).

Light-pink areas are covered by 4G, 4G LTE.  3G and 2G areas are not shown. This map will be updated quarterly as T-Mobile upgrades towers to 5G capability at a rate of ~1000 per month. Other stats provided by T-Mobile North American Government Accounts are:

  • T-Mobile has committed $7.8B in 5G infrastructure CY 2021.
  • Each week, on average, T-Mobile adds 2M more people with high-speed 5G where they live in the US. 
  • PSFA staff are 4X more likely to find high throughput 5G on T-Mobile vs Verizon.
  • PSFA staff are 2X more likely to find high throughput 5G on T-Mobile vs. AT&T.
  • T-Mobile is the largest active 5G spectrum holder in the US. 

FTPP estimates more than 85% of NM schools are covered by 4G, 4G LTE or 5G; while 14% are sub-standard, 2G and 3G; the remaining 1% of NM schools experience no useable internet service at all.